Please find below answers of frequently asked questions regarding frost products and services. If you need advice though, please don't hesitate to give us a call or write un email.



Is it possible to order optical frames in your online shop as well?

Optical frames cannot be ordered by end users in our online shop, because we believe that a professional consultation is necessary. For this purpose we work with selected opticians. Please use our store locator, if want to know where the nearest frost partner is situated.

I found an optical frames in your online shop, my optician doesn’t carry them, though… What now?

No problem at all! Our partners have the possibility to order presentation samples as far as the demanded model is not sold out.  To be sure that your visit at your optician is not unsuccessful, it would be the best, if you make an enquiry beforehand, whether the frame or color is available. Should your optician not have it in stock, make him aware of our service, in case he doesn’t offer it by himself. "Choice orders" are normally shipped within 1-3 business days after incoming orders, if we have that model available.  In case you have any questions or problems that need to be solved, don’t hesitate to contact our frost customer service.

Is the etui included if I order frames in the online shop?

Yes, our frames are always shipped with accessories. Along with it comes a frost etui and a high quality micro fiber cloth. You can order additional accessories anytime.

What kind of sun glasses are used in a frost frame?

For our frames we exclusively use UV400 certified sun glasses with 70% light absorption and without antireflection coating. The material of the sun glasses depends on the type of frame and its glazing.
In our full frame frames from acetate we standardly use sun glasses synthetic material from CR39, while all frost f-type and myfrost frames are exclusively processed with polycarbonate 
(a more robust synthetic material).

You will receive the color of the sunglasses as seen in the online catalogue.


The frame that I wanted to order is not available at the moment. When can it be purchased again?

All frost frames a handcrafted in our manufactory in Sasbach, Germany. Thus sometimes delays may happen.

We will inform you immediately as soon as your order is ready for shipping. Of course you can contact our customer service any time to find out the status of pending orders.

I'm looking for a certain frost frame but I can't find it in the online shop. Why?

Our online shop is being updated and synchronized with our stock. If a frost frame is not being displayed in the online shop it is most probably sold out. Please contact us that we can help you with your problem individually.


Do I have to create an account to make purchases in your online shop?

Yes, you do, but that is very simple and quick. A user account is necessary because this way we can make sure to have all necessary data to process and deliver your order. Certain information such as the country is necessary to process your order compliantly.  Delivery times and shipping costs can vary because of country specific tax rates and customs duty. Being logged in with your account the system makes all the necessary adjustments. Prices and delivery dates are adjusted automatically, avoiding annoying false information. 



Is the payment in the online shop secure?

Payment on pm-frost.de is very secure. All data is transferred with an SSL encryption. Sensitive data such as your name, address and password are processed only inside our IT system. If you pay with your credit card,

Which payment methods do you accept?

We offer several payment methods in our online shop. You can choose between AMEX, VISA, Mastercard or a bank transfer. If there is a problem with the payment method you chose, please make sure that the payment information is correct and all required fields are filled out. Cash advance payment is required for all deliveries that have been ordered in our webshop.


Service & Care

What do I have to pay attention to cleaning my frost frame?

Your frost frame is your everyday companion, the correct cleaning and handling are of special importance. Please clean the glasses always with a frost micro fiber cloth to not scratch them. Once your frost frame is soiled, please clean it under running water and dish soap, never with aggressive products. Especially with acetate frames in light colors it might happen that make-up lays down on the material that is not easy to remove. Do not treat stains with nail polish remover as it further attacks the material. The best treatment is an ultrasound bath to remove persistent dirt gently. For „persistent“cases we offer a frost wellness-programme for our customers: You send in your soiled frame, we clean it for you professionally and gently with an ultrasound procedure. Needless to say that frost partners can help you, too. In our store locator you can quickly find the nearest optician.

What do I do once my sun glasses have scratches?

As all our frames are produced as optical frames, they always can be glazed again.

The advantage here is that you can use the sun glasses with a later appearing vision correction.

Your qualified frost partner next to your domicile will gladly advise you.


Repair and warranty

My frost frame is broken, what can I do?

Have you bought your sun glasses in our online shop, please get in touch with us via email (webshop@pm-frost.de) and explain the issue. Our customer service will get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you haven't bought your sun glasses in the online shop, please get in touch with the optician where you purchased your frost frame. Our partners will gladly help you. In our store locator you can see which opticians are in your area.

I would like to return my frost frame. What should I consider?

Consumers from the EU are allowed to return their goods within 14 days for online purchases. That means that you can try your frost frames at home without any hustle and return or exchange within 14 days from delivery. Within these 14 days you do not have to explain the reasons for the exchange. We will refund the full amount (Delivery costs excluded), if the frames are sent back in the same condition as received. After we have inspected your return, we will refund the amount with the same payment method you chose for the payment. We will inform you via email as soon as we have completed the refund.

How long is the warranty period of my frost frame that I bought in the online shop?

If you purchased your sunglasses in our online shop, the warranty period in Germany is by right 24 months.


Technical support

Why is it not possible to log in in my account?

Please make sure that you typed in the correct username and password or if the shift tab is activated on your keyboard by mistake. If the problem still exists, click on "forgot password” and insert your email address into the field. You will receive an email shortly after with a link to reset your password.  You didn't receive the email with the link? Please check your spam folder.

How do I create an account?

On the main site, click the button "register" in the top, right corner. Customers that already have an online shop account just type in their username and password. New users click "no user account" to create their own account. 

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