Bild 1 DOLCE col. 75 tansanitblau
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Article No:102571-75
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DOLCE. The sweet life. The icing on top. A perfectly shaped, elegant and filigree spectacle frame made of precious metal to enhance your personality in a positive way.

Rectangular. Geometric. Gently curved lines. A harmonious flow of forms. In fact, DOLCE is a lightweight metal frame with lots of exciting cutouts and fantastic curves. DOLCE's design remains surprising in every detail, at every bend corner. DOLCE is a well thought-out combination of acute-angled, very filigree openings, embedded in harmoniously rounded, wafer-thin frame parts.

DOLCE likes to adorn women, men and diverse genders with almost all face shapes. With DOLCE, the wearer appears relaxed, open and approachable, without losing a certain seriousness.

DOLCE. The best for last. Of course, DOLCE is also made by hand in Germany, is durable, repairable, blessed with a high level of comfort and can be recycled after many years of loyal service. Frame and temple colors can be freely combined from the selection above, according to your personal taste.

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