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Article No:102569-01
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MIO.  Mio amore. My glasses. And what a beauty with a brand new look, made of filigree stainless steel. True modern design in great colors, that's MIO!

Is that already art, or just brilliant eyewear design, where angular geometric shapes and high wearing comfort form a feather-light unit? The edgy and lightweight MIO rims are framing hexagonal shaped lenses.

Triangular openings on the outside and below in the metal frame may create many possible associations: whether sparkling diamonds, stable lattice structures or simply a strictly geometric and timeless shape....

MIO is primarily aimed at female wearers with a sense of the spirit of the times , good design and a confident appearance. Since MIO is made almost entirely of stainless steel, after a long and happy life as a pair of glasses, it can be recycled almost entirely and, above all, as often as you like. That's MIO. Handmade in your desired colors, in Germany.

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