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Article No:102568-44
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Hello, I'm CHAMP from the traditional frost eyewear manufacturer in the beautiful northern Black Forest in Germany. And I'm very special for being glasses:

Because with me you can not only combine the colors of the frame and my temples according to your personal taste. I am also a CHAMPion when it comes to sustainability. I was designed and built by my creators to give you as many years of pleasure as possible.

On first sight I'm looking like a fairly classic, rectangular pair of glasses. In order to appear completely unique together with your face, I also wear exciting slants and chamfers at the top of the rims. Thanks to these formsfactors I tend to complement many face shapes of all genders, no matter whether round, oval, square or heart-shaped.

With me you not only acquire a timeless piece of jewelry, I will offer you a rather reliable sense of style. And if our time together should come to an end at some far point in the future: I'm made of feather-light stainless steel by hand. I can always be recycled and transformed into many exciting new products. That is me, in just a few words. Your CHAMP.

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